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The Story Behind The 25th Floor

Hi all and welcome to the first story from yours truly, Zaddy Blank. I will be talking about some of the stories behind my songs. My friends have hollered at me to get into this as they tend to be funny but on a more serious note, I felt that artists would love to read stories or inspiations behind tracks of their favourite artist or just how they worked through random issues traversing the industry.

Through this platform, I want to entertain, empower my fans, other artists by being real and sharing funny stories while highlighting my journey and the lessons learned from them.

Now on to the main story, today I will be talking about how 25th Floor came about. I came up with the song concept one night when I was chilling on the 25th floor of my student accommodation in Cardiff. I had initially recorded the flow on my phone. I didn’t really think much on it till the producer, Lannen. , had come round from Gloucester to record with me where he showed me the beat used on 25th floor.

At the time I had not yet told him about my song concept but once I heard the track, I knew it was the one. It was a great night and at the time I wanted someone to enjoy the night with me.

Then we got artistic with it. Create a song that embodies the 25th Floor as The Height of Happiness. It could be anything, from a wealthy lifestyle to just a good night out or a crazy romantic evening with your current love.

The entire song is filled with references that show this height. This allows the song to represent it's own lane of art. Truly an artistic piece filled with Positive vibes!

This story is a favourite of mine because it's like a weird proof of the Law of Attraction, the beat came to me the time was right, it was meant to be created the minute I thought of it. On a flip side, you could just call it God's timing.

You can check it out below:

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Written By,

Zaddy Blank